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    Adaptive Onboarding Dashboard

    2096 0 Created on 2020-08-11 12:56:19; Last updated on 2023-09-26 13:51:42

    Adaptive onboarding is a new approach to onboarding focusing on providing you with a fully personalized onboarding experience. You can access your invoice data, payment estimates and analytics even before creating an account.

    You can access all data upon receiving the onboarding email invitation from your customer, letting you know that you have a pending invoice with them. Clicking on “Track Payment Process” button in the email will open a webpage displaying all pending invoices with your customer.

    Moreover, you will instantly gain access to all historical transaction data with your customer. You will also be able to see the document status of your invoices; unpaid, paid or rejected, the total pending payment amount and the average payment log.

    You can choose to activate your Tradeshift account directly from this page. Activating your Tradeshift account for free will allow you to connect and invoice other buyers, keep track of all your documents and get real time updates and messages by using the collaboration functionality.

    Find out how to activate your account by reading this article.

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