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    Remittance advice

    1142 9 Created on 2022-05-04 15:13:00; Last updated on 2022-07-01 13:01:40

    A remittance advice is a document sent by a Buyer to a Seller to inform the Seller that their invoice(s) have been paid, thus stating the relationship between an invoice or credit note and the payment(s). Therefore, a remittance advice makes it easier for the Seller’s account receivable department to match these invoices with payments.

    It is not currently possible to send remittance advices directly on the Tradeshift platform, but only via integration. The remittance advices need to be created by the buyer in their ERP system and dispatched to Tradeshift and the seller. After that, the document is visible in the Document Manager app for all parties. 

    One remittance advice is usually associated with multiple invoices or credit notes, although all the other combinations are possible, and each line from the remittance advice displayed in the Document Manager represents a document. 

    The remittance advice integration requires specific UBL mapping which is normally done by the Tradeshift implementation team. Please contact your CSM or implementation team for more details or check the Tradeshift integration page for more specifications and example files.

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