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    How to add despatch locations to invoices from the Company Profile

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    The despatch location is a piece of information about the place where your goods are shipped from. It contains details like the country, tax ID, and company name.

    This feature is useful when you are sending goods from a different location than your branch address. These locations are usually called Ship From or Despatch locations. If you are sending goods from a despatch location you should state it on the invoice for tax purposes.

    How to save and use despatch locations

    You can save and reuse locations by adding the addresses in the Locations app, which can be found in the Company Profile.

    To save a despatch location:

    - Go to the Company Profile

    - Click on the "Manage" button next to Locations (on the left side of the screen, under “Contact”)

    - Click “Add a new location” to fill in the details of the new despatch location

    - Fill in the details (Name of the location, country, tax ID, address, company name, etc)

    - Click “Add location” to save

    To apply saved despatch location on an invoice:

    - Click on “Set despatch details” in Create Invoice

    - Select a location from the dropdown selector displayed

    If you haven’t saved any despatch locations, you can click on “Go to Locations App to add a new Despatch Location.”

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