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    How can I contact Tradeshift Support?

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    This article will guide you through the use of the Tradeshift Assistance web form, which allows any Tradeshift user to request assistance from the Tradeshift Support team. This form can be accessed here or by going to your customer's Landing Page and clicking the Assistance button.

    An assistance request is submitted in two steps:

    1. Enter the classification of your ticket, to indicate the area of Tradeshift and type of issue you are encountering.
    2. Enter information about you, your account, the account you are trying to interact with (if any) and the body of your request.

    All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

    Request Classification

    Request Classifications allow Tradeshift Support to investigate your matter as quickly as possible. The more information we have, the faster we can work! Here is how you add a classification to your request:

    • First, indicate which area of Tradeshift your request is about; is this request regarding your Account, Documents, Connections?
    • Second, choose the selected area’s underlying category; for example, if you chose the Documents area, is this about an Invoice, Credit Note, Purchase Order?
    • Lastly, enter the issue you encountered; if you chose the Invoice category, is your issue about creating, deleting, sending Invoices?
    • Note that an optional field which allows you to provide further detail may become selectable, based on the classification you chose.

    Request Content

    Before an assistance request can be submitted, the following fields need to be filled in by you. The information provided is instrumental in helping the Support team act upon the assistance request as quickly as possible. Mandatory fields are indicated on the form by an asterisk (*):

    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • The country in which you are based
    • You must indicate whether you have an active Tradeshift account
    • If so, you must then indicate the name of your business as it appears in your Tradeshift account.
    • If not, you should still indicate to the Tradeshift Support team the name of your business.
    • Please note that based on the classification you selected, further inputs may become available. For example, selecting a classification that has to do with Documents will make a field appear in which you can enter the document’s ID.
    • You have the option to add other email addresses in copy on the request. These email addresses will receive notifications when an update is posted on the assistance case.
    • You must then enter the subject and body of the request can be completed. The following minimum requirements apply:
    • A request’s subject must be at least 10 characters long.
    • A request’s description must be at least 100 characters long. You are encouraged to be as detailed and descriptive as possible.
    • Requests can contain attachments. The following limitations apply:
    • You can add up to 10 attachments.
    • Each attachment size must be under 20M.

    Remember that the more information our Support team receives about your query, the more efficient they will be!

    Once all the necessary information is present, the “Submit New Request” button will be activated, and you can submit your request by clicking it.

    You will then receive an email acknowledging your contact with the Tradeshift Support team, and will receive a new notification for each response posted on the support case.

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