How to add more users to your Tradeshift company account

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    Once logged in to your account, click the Profile icon in the sidebar, which will take you to your company’s profile page. Click the “Invite team member” button, and you will be able to add new team members to your company account.

    Note that you can choose whether or not this team member is displayed on your account’s profile page.

    All team members (users) can perform invoicing activities and collaborate with business partners. However, only admins can add new team members and can update the company profile.

    Just choose the appropriate role for your new team member from the drop down menu. Visit this article to learn more about the user roles or check the Related articles section below.

    When adding a new team member, they will receive an invitation email from Tradeshift. All they have to do is click the link, set a password and they will be added to the account.

    However, it is not possible to delete users directly from the Profile or Users app. To delete a user from your company account, please contact Tradeshift Support.

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